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Drag Reducer Suppliers and Applications Specialists

Welcome to FLO-QUEST

Drag Reducing Agents (or Additives) is a long chain polymer chemical that when injected into a pipeline modifies the flow regime of the fluid reducing the frictional pressure drop along the pipeline length. IT DOES NOT Coat the internal pipeline wall. Flo-Quest Drag Reducer chemicals require no special handling or mixing.

The Mechanism of Drag Reduction

When DRA dissolves in crude oil the polymer molecules begin to uncoil and outspread as they interact with the pipeline flow. This interaction is complex, the long chain molecules dampen turbulent bursts near the pipe wall as if they were acting as tiny shock buffers. This dampening effect reduces frictional pressure loss resulting in a decrease in energy consumption or an increase in flow rate. The effect is illustrated in the figure below. 

Pipeline Hydraulic Analysis

Flo-Quest can analyse your pipeline system to determine the benefits achievable using DRA

High performance DRA chemicals

Flo-Quest can supply high performance DRA chemicals specifically for your needs

DRA testing

Flo-Quest can perform DRA testing on your pipeline to determine optimised concentrations

Full commercialisation and system integration

Flo-Quest can design a permanent Drag Reducer injection system interfaced to your pipeline control system

After sales support and backup

Flo-Quest can work with you to ensure on time chemical deliveries